Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I Like to Watch: Kitchen Nightmare

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 One of the TV series that I love to watch these days is Kitchen Nightmare. An American reality TV show where Chef Gordon Ramsay help struggling restaurants to turn their luck around. In the show, Chef Gordon Ramsay examines the restaurant's problems - from unsanitary refrigerators to lazy and/ or inexperienced staffs and fromm there search for solutions. The ultimate goal of the show is to make the restaurants that is visited by Chef Gordon Ramsay popular and profitable but at the end of the day, it is up to the establishment to take the advice given and turn their business nightmare into a dream.
I discovered this TV series on Youtube. I am surprised why it is not aired in Malaysia since Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef US is aired. One of the most unforgettable episode on Kitchen Nightmare is Amy's Baking Company where Chef Ramsay does the unimaginable thing by walking out of the restaurant because the owners are too defensive for (constructive) criticism. The episode can be seen below:

From what I read at GrubStreet, Kitchen Nightmare is ending at it's seventh season due to its restaurant closure rates. It was reported that over 60 percent of the restaurants that were on the show has close down. 

Number of participating restaurants in seven seasons: 77
Number still open: 30 (38.86 %)
Number that have closed: 47 (61.84 %)
Approximate number of restaurants closed within one year of (or before) the episode air dates: 23 (29.87 %)

The show will be missed. At least, I still have Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef (US) to watch Chef Ramsay slaying evil yet honest comments in the shows. 

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