Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Music Streaming: Spotify

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Nowadays, we can simply search for an artist on Spotify and add their entire discography to our library. With a single click, we can listen to their songs and not have to wait for a download to complete. Rather than collect our favorite songs with diligent care, we capture them using the “like” button with pure ease.
We used to listen to music on our mobile devices in private. Now, we share our listening activities to Facebook and show our friends what songs we have playing right now, and if they want to, they can tune in and listen, too. Rather than listen to music alone, we can now listen together.

I listen to Spotify almost everyday. In fact, almost the whole office listens to Spotify on their desk. So why do we love Spotify? Let me count the ways:

1. It's FREE
If you’re anti-commercials, then maybe you could easily fork out the RM14 per month for an ad-free subscription, but for those of us who are a bit more patient for the sake of our wallets Spotify also has a free version. And since free seems to be the enticing music listeners can’t resist these days, this might just be the way to keep everyone happy

2. It Pays 
Spotify pays the artist when their song gets played. While there has been plenty of mumbling that the rates are incredibly low, reports also say the streaming company spends nearly 70 per cent of its revenue on royalty payments. And as plenty have pointed out before, very few labels can make the same claim.

3. Catalogue 
Spotify’s other big claim to fame has to be the amount of music available, giving users access to some of their favourite artists thanks to deals with Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal. That translates into over 20 million songs that you can track down with a basic search. It’s the sort of availability that makes die-hard audiophiles swoon.

4. Playlist 
The ability to put together your Top Ten songs for midnight mopping, sharing said mix with friends (or maybe not) and finally being able to listen to any number of playlists your favourite shows and movies have been putting together.

There are plenty of ways to track down and get a catchy song you’d like to keep on permanent repeat for the week and the free version of Spotify can get in the way of that ambition. But if you’re already logged into Spotify when that song comes up you can easily opt to download it without going anywhere else–or depriving the artist of some cash.

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