Sunday, September 20, 2015

Takada Bread Maker

I have been using this bread maker that I bought online from Lazada for about 6 months. Making buns, and breads have never been easier.  This bread maker from Takada is convenient enough to use. You can bake your own delicious bread with the recipe provided in the package. It has 12 different baking programs and the delay timer can be preset up to 13 hours. It also comes with the option of baking light, middle or dark color crust. With its thermal insulated casing design and a non-slip botton, Takada bread maker gives me the choice of baking my own bread the way I want it to be. Also included in the package are accessories like hook, measuring cup and a measuring spoon. 

The accessories included in the package (picture source:

 What's more interesting with this machine is that you can even make jam. But I still have yet to try that function out. From online recipes that I have read, you only need to place all the ingredients in the bread baking tin, choose the correct settings, and that is it. About 100 minutes later your jam will be ready. 

So far, the breads or buns that I have made using this machine has been successfull.

Buttery soft buns.. before and after it went into the oven

white bread

Cinnamon rolls.. before and after it went into the oven
Cinnamon rolls up close.

For the buns and cinnamon rolls, I use the dough setting to make the dough. I just put all of the ingredients into the machine. I let the machine make my dough as I go and do other things. After 30 - 40 minutes, my dough is all set. I only need to shape them and put them in the oven. 

Although the machine can bake the bread itself, I think I prefer baking bread using a real oven. The good thing about having this bread machine is that I do not have to kneed any dough in my life ever again ;)

Takada bread maker settings (picture source:
The bread maker machine gives you the option of making a 1.5lb or 2lb bread. Some other bread maker machine has the option to make even bigger bread. There are alot of other brands out there that sells bread maker machine such as Kenwood, Trio, Panasonic, Morgan, etc. I choose Takada among the other brands because the reviews. A friend of mine, who also happens to be a baker also bought this machine a few months before me. Her review on this machine got me sold. I ordered my bread maker machine the very next day.

I just can't wait to explore more of this machine's functions.